Thursday, July 7, 2011

RAINS !!!!...RAINS !!!!!!!!....Here they come!!!!!!!!

           What a cool subject to write my next  blog(after the previous Intro (Hello All) blog).!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
           This evening,dad suggested me to read more Newspapers and stay in touch with the current affairs going on in our country (I'm very bad at reading newspaper) if I would like to continue blogging for a longer period. I thought about it (i'll actually follow it from now).But again ,talking about rains doesn't require much knowledge about anything extraa..,so I thought 'Let's post for a while'.........anyways.....
            So!!!!!! Rains..Rains....Rains!!!!!!!!!!! The lightning,the cloud bursting,the showers,just love everything about rains.This year,I had to wait for quite a long time to feel the rains,here at HOME.I returned home after 6th semester exams on June 10th,and today is July 7th.That's quite long yaar.After a 3 hour long hibernation,it was rain that woke me up at around 5 in the evening.It just clicked in my mind that today is thursday and it was time for my favourite WWE RAW to go on air.I immediately switched to Ten Sports,enjoying the wrestling on one hand and rains at the other.The scenario was quite identical to the time when I was in high school.I simply used to enjoy those days.Today after 5 years,these rains just refreshed my mind to those memories.How can one avoid the tasty 'BHAJIAS' in such an atmosphere?..I had to..The reason-"Thursday(GURUVAAR UPAAS)"..But its fine.No regrets..I have had control over such situations a number of times,especially on Thursdays..So coming back to rains,I immediately updated my status on Facebook and later on Twitter.Many of my friends did the same,everyone delighted with the arrival of monsoon.But now,the water-logging in my colony is not as worse as it used to be during school days,giving a glimpse of hope of  a holiday in school the next day.Thanks to the concrete road.As RAW was about to go off the air within few minutes,I glanced outside ,seeing the darkest of the sky this season.I knew that rains are gonna lash through like anything and within no time,with the entry of JOHN CENA on RAW,came the rains.I pointed this thing out to one of my friends who was enjoying RAW more,rather than rains.The heavy rainfall continued for about an hour or two,with me improving my blog's layout here and watching the INDIA vs WEST-INDIES match on the other end.It just clicked me that next thursday,i'll be leaving home,back to college,just for registration of 7th semester,returning home back on saturday.So just thought about writing this one and here I am,with my second post,So..,a great end to today's day with a marathi music show on TV.
            Expecting heaviest of the showers for the night,with WEST-INDIES 203/8,its GoodNight from me!!!!!!....HAPPY MONSOON!!!!!!!!!!!....ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hello All..!!!!!

Hey everyone !!!.Welcome to my so called 'BLOG'. As this is my first post since the creation of this blog,i am not writing much stuff..But with the passage of time,i'll post some good and meaningful stuff and also improve the design and layout of 'majhablog'. I need your suggestions  regarding any improvements and also your comments..
Good Night All...